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Smart Home
Automation Orlando

Smart Home Automation Orlando

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Our company is committed to providing you with an optimal smart home system. Once we are through, you will be able to easily control the lighting, temperature, and sound systems in your home from the comfort of your seat. As long as you have your handheld device, you will marvel in the luxuries and comforts of the smart home system for many years to come. To ensure that the home automation system is perfect, make sure you count on us here at Smart Home Automation Contractor in Orlando, FL. We offer leading services at affordable prices...

About Us

Our company has been able to keep up with the innovations of technology, and we are an innovative service provider for premium smart home automation systems. We regularly go through system upgrades and training programs. Not to mention, we are all technologically savvy. We are familiar with technological systems, and we will ensure that your home is electronically optimized.


The smart home services that we offer are going to cover all of your hopes and needs for a comfortable smart home system. We know that having automatic features take care of basic household tasks, such as heating, cooling, lighting, and surveillance, can make your life much simpler and more streamlined. Also, we are going to be able to enhance the conveniences in your life. No matter how you want to improve the automation and efficiency of your home, our services are going to be able to get the job done for you.

professional eco friendly thermostats

Eco Friendly Thermostats

Having eco-friendly thermostats is going to make your life a lot simpler. Mainly due to the fact that your home is always going to be the right temperature, you are never going to need to be uncomfortable. An eco-friendly thermostat can be set for certain temperatures throughout the day. Also, there are energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that we can include as part of your smart home automation in Orlando. This is important because the weather can get very hot in the summers, and the cold winds during the winter can make things cooler than usual.

reliable smart surveillance system

Smart Surveillance

When you want to get a premium service for smart home automation in Orlando, you are going to want to hire our company. We will ensure that you get the best automation features on the market. Also, this includes the leading smart surveillance systems. Having a smart surveillance system is going to provide you with the opportunity to fully monitor your property. Whether you are lying in bed or at the office, the smart home surveillance system that we can install for you is going to provide you with high-quality protection and security. Also, if you are worried about your property, we can install one of the most reliable systems for smart landscape lighting in Orlando. This means that there can be lighting to turns on and off automatically to capture surveillance footage when there are motions captured.

“There is only one team I trust with my smart home automation system, and that is Smart Home Automation Contractor in Orlando, FL! They are effective, efficient, and innovative. The perfect combination for my needs.” – Joey T.

Smart Lighting Systems

When it comes to smart lighting in Orlando, you are going to want to hire a company that can serve you the best. The company that is going to provide you with exception of smart home systems in Orlando is our company. We have been able to improve countless homes over the years. Not to mention, we keep up to date with the latest home automation system updates. We also keep up to date with the latest environmentally friendly technologies to enhance the lighting system at your home. When we are done installing your new smart home lighting system, we can offer other options to improve your lighting. For example, if you would like to have the leading low voltage wiring in Orlando in your home, we can do that for you.

reliable smart lighting systems

Smart Sound Systems

Having a smart sound system is going to make it easier to listen to music and podcasts in your home. Our company can sync up the music streaming platform that you use. Also, we will be able to ensure that your device connects via Bluetooth to the smart sound system. You are able to control what is played, when it is played, and how loud it is played. Not to mention, you can choose between exterior and interior sound systems. You will be able to decide where the audio is played inside the house as well.

reliable smart sound systems

“if you are looking for a reliable smart home automation team to work for you, make sure you hire Smart Home Automation Contractor in Orlando, FL. They did a great job, and they did the work at a great price too.” – Monica G.

reliable custom home theatre systems

Custom Home Theatre Systems

The custom home theatre in Orlando that you want to have built-in your home can be provided by our team of professionals. We are also the only certified professionals to offer services for Matrix TV systems in Orlando. We know that we will be able to provide you with the high-quality outcomes that you have been hoping for. After all, having a home theater is going to provide you with the option to kick back and relax at home with your family on a movie night. If you have dim lighting systems and a snack bar at your custom home theatre, you are going to be even more setup. our company is going to be an integral part of creating your dream home theatre space.

professional sports bar tv systems

Sports Bar TV Systems

Coordinating all of the sound systems and TV screens at a sports bar can be challenging when you hire our company to provide you with a sports bar smart TV system though, you will be able to have the entire process simplified. Everything is going to come together easily for you. You are going to be able to navigate between channels without disturbing other TV screens.

“There is only one tea that I trust for smart home system services, and that is Smart Home Automation Contractor in Orlando, FL. They did a wonderful job for me a couple years ago, and they come at regular intervals to keep my smart home system up to date with the program updates.” – Gunther C.

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Pick up the phone today to get in contact with our caring group of professionals. We will be able to provide you with advice and insights into the services that we provide. If you would like to know how your handheld devices can sync to the smart home automation system, we will be able to provide you with some clarification for that. Also, we will be able to schedule an appointment for you at your earliest convenience.